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How to deal with dead locks in IPC

Even if you don't use locks like mutex (note that we don't provide such a thing), your program could be blocked forever by an IPC operation.

The common case is that both your program and the destination task are trying to send a message to each other. You can check it by ps command in the kernel debugger:

kdebug> ps
#1 vm: state=blocked, src=0
#2 display: state=blocked, src=0
#3 e1000: state=blocked, src=6
    - #6 tcpip
#4 ps2kbd: state=blocked, src=0
#5 shell: state=blocked, src=0
#6 tcpip: state=blocked, src=3
    - #3 e1000
#7 webapi: state=blocked, src=0

Notice that e1000 and tcpip are blocked and they're sending to the other server.