Getting Started


  • LLVM/Clang/LLD version 8.x or higher
  • Python version 3.7 or higher
  • QEMU
  • Bochs (optional)
  • GRUB and xorriso (optional)
  • Docker (optional: Linux ABI emulation uses Docker to build packages)


$ brew install llvm python3 qemu bochs i386-elf-grub xorriso mtools sparse
$ brew cask install gcc-arm-embedded
$ pip3 install -r tools/requirements.txt

Ubuntu 20.04

$ apt install llvm lld clang qemu bochs grub2 xorriso mtools \
    python3 python3-dev python3-pip python3-setuptools gcc-arm-none-eabi \
    clang-format clang-tidy sparse
$ pip3 install --user -r tools/requirements.txt
$ cargo install cargo-xbuild


If you'd like to work on Rust applications, install Rust toolchain:

  1. Install rustup.
  2. Add rust-src component: rustup component add rust-src --toolchain nightly.

Building Resea

$ make build               # Build a kernel executable.
$ make iso                 # Build an ISO image.
$ make build BUILD=release # Build a kernel executable (release build).
$ make build V=1           # Build with verbose command output.
$ make clean               # Remove generated files.

Running Resea

$ make run GUI=1     # Run on QEMU.
$ make run           # Run on QEMU with -nographic.
$ make bochs         # Run on Bochs.